5 Ways To Signal For Help In The Outdoors

Poor weather might make you lose your way while in the outdoors. When this happens, do not panic. Instead, focus on making signals that can help the search team to rescue you. The following are 5 ways you can use to signal for help in case you are lost in the middle of nowhere.

1). Distress flares

The first way to signal for help is by firing a distress flare. Several types of these flares are available, and they include road flares, marine signal flares as well as pen flare guns. Their prices do vary according to the type that you want to buy. You can buy the flares at military surplus stores, marinas and outdoor fitters. For best results, you need to purchase storm-resistant matches and a water-proof container to be used by your distress flares.

2). Smoke and fire

In case you find yourself stuck and unable to send a signal to rescuers, you can use the smoke and fire method. To have thick spumes of smoke that are visible for miles, you need to use rubber and fresh greenery oil. Chances of the fires being spotted by overhead planes are very high. But be careful not to start a forest conflagration.

3). Personal Locator Beacons

This is a modern way of visually signaling for help. They are made in such a way that they are waterproof, use GPS system and are powered by batteries. After buying a personal locator beacon, you need to register it with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration online. This then ensures that you can be located quickly by emergency rescue personnel.

4). Whistle

When going out for an outdoor activity in the wilderness, it is always recommended to carry a whistle. According to the conventional rule, whistle 3 times and people will know that you are in trouble. The whistles need to be in three separate and clear bursts. If you have a gun, you can achieve the same by firing three gun shots.

5). Flashlights

This can work wonders especially at night when the rescuers are near you. But you will have to be very careful to conserve its battery so that it does not run out of power. This is by using it only if you are sure that the rescue team is near enough.

Anything can happen to you while you are in the wilderness and make you lose your way. the difference between being rescued and not will lie on your ability to effectively signal for help. The 5 ways discussed above will be very helpful to you.

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