7 Must Have Emergency Survival Items

Emergency Survival Items You’ll Need

Emergency Survival ItemsThere are times when you will be faced with an emergency.  It can happen in your home, at work or anywhere in the community just going about your daily life.  And then there’s natural disasters, like hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and the list goes on. Some are saying that you will need to be prepared for at least one week of survival after a disaster like this – some say years!  There are some items that are relevant to many emergencies. The following is a list of  emergency survival items that you need for you to survive in an emergency.

1. Survival Items – First Aid Supplies.

Having a first aid kit is very necessary for you to carry out first aid if someone in your company is faced with some complications where he will need first aid. First aid kit has different items that will be used during different conditions. You should know how to use all the items for you to achieve the best results. It can be possible that you can make your own kit. That will be very essential for you because you will be familiar with the contents and know how to use it easily. A good comprehensive First Aid book is essential! Include medicines for upset stomach, headache, asprin, anything you would use on a regular basis. Also include vitamins, that you would take normally and it is worth learning a bit about herbal medicines. Learn how to grow them. Most are perennials, and grow all year ’round.

2. Extra Clothing

A part from the clothes that you will be wearing you will need extra clothing – for all weather! Make sure you have warm sweaters and a nice warm jacket. Make sure you include some warm winter underwear, thick wool socks and of course a good sturdy pair of hiking boots. Hats, for rain or shine and work gloves are also handy survival items you should include in your emergency survival kits.

3. Bottled Water

Water is one of the most important things needed for survival!  Preferably store water in glass, not plastic – it’s better for you. Estimate around one gallon per day per person. Also, some good basins to catch rainwater in and a sturdy canteen.

4. Fire-starter

During an emergency, it’s always  there will inevitably come a time when you need to start a fire – and perhaps your supply of matches is running low, or has even become damp or you have clean run out! With a fire starter you can start fire to keep warm, boil water to steralize so it’s fine for drinking The fire that you will start can also help you in boiling water so that you can kill germs for you to drink in case the water that you will have runs short.

5. Knife

A knife is very necessary for you during an emergency. It can help you in cutting and preparing food or even as a weapon. Remember there are different forms of weapons and a knife can act as one for you in an emergency.

Survival items      Survival items       Survival items

6. Flashlight

A source of light is also one of the necessary survival items you need in an emergency. It can happen that the emergency case happens during night time where it is too dark. With a flash light you will be able to trace different places for you to escape.

7. Food

You may find yourself (and your family) in an emergency situation where you will be forced to stay for some time. This can be a case where you are trapped somewhere, perhaps due to a Natural Disaster. In such a case, food is very necessary to enable you and your family to survive up ’till the time that you will be rescued.

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