What To Put In Your Bug Out Bag


Different people have different likes; this means that different people will have different things that they will prefer in their bug out bags .But the basic needs that almost all people will need will be almost similar in the purpose that they serve. For instance you may have to carry a weapon. There are different types of weapons that can be carried. If it is food there are different types too. Basically the following is what to put in your bug out bag for you to survive easily.


You should remember to carry enough clothing for all your survival period. Some of the clothing that you need to carry will include study boots, a jacket to protect you against extreme colds, a pair of socks, shirts, underwear and a jacket.

2. Shelter

You will need shelter in survival period. In your bug out bag you should include some form of shelter such as a tent and the necessary equipment to enable your tent stand. You will also need some form of sleeping materials such as a sleeping bag and sleeping pads.

3. First Aid Kit

You need at least to come up with a first aid gear .Remember during the period in which you will be in your surviving condition you may not know what will happen. In building your own first aid kit you should try to include all that is necessary for almost all types of emergencies.

4. Basic Gear such as light ,fire and some utensils

In your bug out bag you should include gears such as fire which will help you to warm water for your meals. Rain gear will assist you in case of rain .Cooking utensils will help your serve your food. A source of light will help you in case of darkness.

5. Weapons

In our survival situation it is very necessary to have a weapon with you .There are different types of weapons that you can carry but you should carry the one that you can comfortably make use of it.

6. Water

Water is among the basic needs for you to survive .For you to find it easy in your survival situation you need to carry at least a liter of water per day that you will be in your survival situation. In case it is too hard for you to carry enough water to sustain you all through your survival period you should look for a water purification system so that you will easily purify water in the situation that you will be in.

7. Food

In your bug out bag you should not forget food. You can decide to carry fruits, but remember not to carry the one that are too ripe because they may spoil before your survival period is over. Other types of foods that you can carry are dried vegetables that you can only add hot water for you to eat.

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