5 Tips to Help Prevent Home Burglary.

Protecting your Home and Possessions – Using these Home Burglary Prevention Tips.

security-camera-400x245Even homes in the safest neighborhoods can be vulnerable to burglary. However, most people tend to neglect home safety measures and basic precautions due to a false sense of security. It is not until their homes are burglarized that they realize that they have been taking security for granted. They start taking security seriously when it is too late, family valuables have already been stolen and the entire family feels vulnerable and violated.

Although most residential burglaries usually happen during the day when most people have already gone to work, home burglary can also occur at night. The most preferred items include; jewelry, cash, laptops, cell phones, guns and other expensive things that can be sold easily. Therefore, the key to stay protected against burglaries is understanding how your exposure can be minimized.

Just follow these 5 Home Security Tips on How to Prevent Home Burglary.

1.   Think like a burglar when walking around your home

Look around and think about all the weaknesses your house and compound might have since such weaknesses provide opportunities and entry points for burglars who are trying to gain access to your home. Therefore, you should always ensure that all first floor windows are well closed and the trash cans and outside furniture are put away in order to ensure that thieves cannot use them to their advantage. Moreover, you might consider installing stronger doors, garage doors, locks and window shutters in order to make your home less accessible to thieves.

2.   Remember that burglars want to get in and out of your home quickly

The main goal of home intruders is to grab as many valuable items as possible and leave the premise as fast as they can. Therefore, you should consider means of slowing down the intruder. If the robber can easily break a door lock or window on the first floor and gain access to your home, it is like having an invitation into your home. Consider having extra lacks and double paned glass on all first floor doors and windows. Anything that can slow down the thief might protect your premise against home burglary and have him looking for a different target.

3.   Do not advertise expensive items through the window

The most expensive items such as gaming systems, televisions, jewelry, and laptops should never be visible through glass doors or windows. Curtains and blinds should always be closed. If the thief can see anything valuable through the windows he may move on the next possible target. On the other hand, the control pad of the alarm system should not be visible from outside because the burglar can see through the windows and know that it is unarmed incase you forgot to set it.

4.   Never leave a lawn full of debris, overgrown grass or untrimmed scrubs

Untrimmed scrubs and overgrown grass make excellent hideouts for thieves while tree branches that lean too close to your home can be used by burglars to enter through a balcony or window. An unattended yard may signal intruders that homeowners have been away for sometime or are constantly out of the house. Therefore, you should always make pans for your garden to be well maintained and lawn mowed even while you are away.

5.   Don’t allow the mail, newspapers and subscriptions to pile up while you are on Vacation.

Securing your home while on vacation is vital to prevent unwanted visitors. Make arrangements with the delivery guy or postman to drop off your mail at another address or hold your mail until you come back. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or neighbor to pick them up for safekeeping while you are away. On the other hand, you should never leave notes or put up signs that you have gone shopping or for a vacation. Instead call whoever you are expecting to drop by or inform a trusted neighbor that you are not at home.

You have to be very smart about your decision when it comes to protecting your home against home burglary. Therefore, it is always important to think like an intruder, follow these simple home security tips and stay a step ahead. This will ensure that you, your family and possessions are protected.

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