How Many Days Worth Of Survival Food Should You Store?


Knowing how much emergency food to store in case of a catastrophic event can be difficult. Obviously as your family expands or decreases (childbirth or kids leaving home) your needs will change and need to be adjusted. Calculating the amount of food needed should include extra food for anyone who is at your home at the time you need to call upon your emergency food supply. Most government agencies suggest storing three days worth, but to me that is a joke. A goal of one month worth of food is good, with 5 – 6 months being even better. You want to vary the kinds of food you store as you don’t want to get what is called appetite fatigue. This happens when you are forced to eat the same thing too long and you begin to mentally resist eating.

How Much Survival Food to Store

For one adult you will want to have 5 lbs of dry beans and 25 lbs of rice and other grains per month. You will want 3 lbs of cooking oil or shortening. 18 lbs of dry or evaporated milk and a pound of salt will get the average adult through one month, along with 45 lbs of both fruits and vegetables. You want to calculate about 2,000 to 2,600 calories per day for adults and 1500 – 1600 for children. Be sure to choose nutritious calories not empty ones.

How Long to Store Emergency Food Supplies.

Be sure to check expiration dates and rotate your stockpile. The foods closest to the expiration date should be eaten first or replaced before you need to call upon your food supply. Various foods have different storage life, dry pasta can be good for up to ten years. Salt is good forever. On the opposite end bread is only good for four months if it is frozen. Know the shelf life of the foods you are storing to make sure that your supply is edible when the time comes.


Each person in your home will need one gallon of water per day. If you have animals be sure to store extra water for them as well. Hidden reserves of water in your home are in the hot water heater, pipes, and the holding tank of commodes. Outdoor water sources include streams, rainwater, and moving bodies of water. If the outdoor water is dark, smells, or has stuff floating in it avoid it.

Other Food Related Storage

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If you are using canned and commercial food to store be sure you have the things needed to open cans and reseal them if you are using the larger cans and do not wish to eat it all before opening another can. If you have pets be sure to include food and water supplies for them as well.

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