Safest Places In Your Home During A Natural Disaster


Disasters tend to strike when we least expect them to. But by having a disaster preparedness plan, you can save the lives of your family members as well as yours. It is important to have designated spots in your home that are labeled as safe zones. In case of an emergency such as fire, earthquake or even a storm, all the family members should seek refuge in those designated places. The following are suggestions of where to run in case there is an emergency of whatever kind.


• Stay indoors in case of a tornado and, if your house has a basement, run to it. Hide under a heavy work table or even under the stairs. Avoid standing on top of furniture or heavy appliances that may be on the above floor.
• In case the house has no basement, the alternative place to run to in the house would be the center of the house, preferably on the first floor. Once there, get under a bed, desk or a sturdy table.
• To avoid being hit by wind-borne debris, you will need to protect yourself with a pillow, books, blankets or even your arms.


• In case of an earthquake, you will need to keep as far away from windows, glasses, loose or breakable objects. Also, take note of flying, falling and sliding objects.
• You can also brace yourself inside hallway, in a doorway, or you may have to slide under a strong table, bed or desk.
• In the event that you find it difficult to move to a safer place, just sit still and ensure that you have protected your head and body. Use blankets, pillows, books or anything near you that you can grab.


• When there is a hurricane disaster, the best thing to do is to get to the center of your house, especially to small room that is located opposite where the wind is coming from.
• Avoid being near windows.


• When a flood disaster strikes, the point is to get to the raised surfaces that water cannot get to.
• You need to buy floatation vests in advance as these will help you when the flood water keeps rising and there is no where else you can go.

When disaster strikes, you are your best defense. Before a rescue team is sent, there are certain things you can do to protect you and your family. Always have designated place in advance and let your family members know of them.

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